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The bridal industry is booming and bridal clients want to look FLAWLESS for their big day. These clients are savvy and expect you to offer them the BEST in beauty. Are you currently offering the latest trends in makeup application for brides? Can you increase your revenue with product sales?


Marc Harvey Exclusive is a brand whose look, presentation and prestige fits perfectly into any high-end salon, spa, or beauty retailer. The Marc Harvey Exclusive packaging is not overdone and displays beautifully. Fashion and beauty trends are ever-evolving… and so should one’s look. Marc Harvey Exclusive allows the client, consumer or professional to customize a look that is unique to them.


interested in the the airbrush studio

Supplement your existing makeup line and increase revenue !


Marc Harvey Exclusive is the retail option for any establishment catering to a clientele demanding the latest techniques and beauty innovation.


Package Option 1: Salon/Spa Product Kit and Display

– 1 Marc Harvey Exclusive PRO-LUX airbrush system

– 1 Display holding all featured airbrush products in the Marc Harvey Exclusive lines : 14 ULTRA-HD Foundations (.50 oz) , 5 Blushes, 2 Bronzers, 3 Shimmers (.24 oz) , Primer / Finishing Powder set, 1 Concealer Palette, 1 Perfect Bridal Palette


Cost: $600.00


Package Option 2: Retail Business Bundle

– 1 Marc Harvey Exclusive PRO-LUX airbrush system
– *5 Marc Harvey Exclusive Airbrush ULTRA-HD Starter kits at wholesale cost
– 1 Display holding all featured products in the Marc Harvey Exclusive lines
– BONUS : Airbrush Certification Masterclass taught by Creator, Marc Harvey (see Certification to learn more)


Cost: $1065.00

*(Suggested Retail $189.00 per kit)



The novelty and experience of airbrushing will increase interest, prestige and revenue exponentially. The science and care that goes into Marc Harvey Exclusive Products is also for the client who values the texture, feel, and function of quality products.



Email or Call 713.201.4013 for pricing or custom options