What is The Face Membership?


This is a membership that allows cosmetologists, estheticians, makeup artists and every day women to save money on all things BEAUTY! We understand that as a student, you probably aren’t making lots of money and can’t afford pricey workshops or products to enable you to do what you love. This membership gives you workshops and products at 30-50% off! It also allows you the opportunity to take as many workshops as you want within 6 months, at your student rate. Repeat offenders welcomed!


As a makeup enthusiast or everyday woman , you will have access to special beauty events, makeup classes, and special makeup discounts only for members!

Why Join?


These workshops are the only workshops that come with tons of products. Whatever you are learning, you will also receive the products to achieve those results. For example, if you are taking the highlight and contour class, you will receive the Marc Harvey Beauty “C” palette and the Marc Harvey Beauty Perfect Bridal Palette (see products online). You will essentially be receiving these products and education for a fraction of the cost of non-members. You will not only be building your kit , but you will not have the proper instruction and knowledge of how to use these products. You will also have a chance to work with the Marc Harvey Beauty team on events, shows and weddings. This one of the few membership programs that puts you to work as a student so you can be well equipped as a professional.


  • You will also have private access to special educational videos
  • Chance to work backstage at fashion shows, photoshoots, and events
  • Free access to photography studios to start your makeup artistry portfolio
  • Free demo classes for supplemental training (mainly focusing on non-airbrush techniques)
  • Business Building courses (there will be 2 every quarter)
  • Monthly Makeup deals
  • Specials on private lessons
  • Makeup education events for makeup enthusiast and everyday women

What Workshop Discounts Do I Get ?


All members receive up to 30-50% off all workshops offered by F.A.C.E Academy. Every month you will have the opportunity to take at least 1 workshop given at your member discount. These workshops will be ongoing so if you miss a specific one, you can take it the following month. These MEMBERS ONLY workshop dates will be posted online. It is a 6 month membership , which can be renewed. Business building workshop, portfolio building events, free demo classes, and monthly makeup specials will all be posted in the MEMBERS ONLY calendar.